Automotive Aftermarket Electronic Catalogues

AutoInfo provide electronic hard parts catalogues and market intelligence to the auto parts aftermarket in Australia and New Zealand.

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AutoInfo have created a comprehensive yet simple to use electronic catalogue for locating automotive parts regardless of brand or distributor, if there is an option available we will show it, if there are many options available we will show them all.

Parts Stores
The OSCAR electronic aftermarket parts catalogue will help you serve your customers quickly and efficiently, add on sales are made simple by our philosophy "ID the car once and see all available parts". Intelligent search mechanisms and traditional point and click vehicle listings will allow your staff to work at their most efficient level regardless of experience levels.

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AutoInfo have compiled a comprehensive and precise vehicle database specifically designed around the needs of the parts industry in Australia and New Zealand, coupled with our accurate vehicle on road quantities you can make informed decisions on range and inventory. User our OSCAR Editor application and keep your listings up to date, fill gaps and add new applications directly into the
AutoInfo Application Database. Any new applications would then be be available instantly to any of our catalogue subscribers.

Online Parts Catalogue

Once your applications are in the AutoInfo Application Database we can use this data to power your own Online Parts Catalogue.

The online catalogue is designed for brand owners to display vehicle specific part applications in a quick and easy to use interface.


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