OSCAR allows your staff to accurately identify vehicles and locate all the available parts immediately. No need to follow multiple lengthy lookup procedures to find what you’re after in different suppliers catalogues. OSCAR brings it altogether in one intuitive user environment. Compare parts for similar vehicles quickly, change part types without having to go through the vehicle details over and over again, see brands all side by side. Using BuyerAssist you can even check to see who has it in stock. OSCAR gives you all your options on a single screen. OSCAR helps sell more parts with fewer returns – it’s a proven path to increased sales.

OSCAR’s application data has all been hand curated by cataloguing professionals ensuring our data is of the highest quality and completeness. We also have a dedicated feedback team to resolve any application issues that may arise.

OSCAR can integrate with the following workshop software solutions: AM-WIN, COSTAR, FiiViQ, Leading Hand, Marlin, MechanicDesk, Orion, SAM, WorkshopMate, WorkshopSoftware

Integrated REGO / VIN-decryption Algorithms for AU / NZ

Our proprietary registration plate and VIN-decryption algorithms provide an unrivalled level of flexibility and control in search accuracy.

The REGO Lookup assists users in correctly identifying vehicles whilst at the same time speeding up the ordering and quoting process. With the REGO Lookup users no longer need specific make/model details or the 17-character VIN. Using the REGO number and state we are able to locate the correct vehicle. We make no assumptions when matching REGO’s to vehicles, if needed we use multiple sources of vehicle registration data to try and validate the details of a vehicle.

The VIN-decryption Algorithm utilises our proprietary vehicle index and has been 2 decades in the making. We believe it’s unrivalled in it’s accuracy in the aftermarket. When decoding VIN’s if the match data is inconclusive we will present the end user with a small range of possible vehicles to select from.

In order to access OSCAR you must be a physical Retail / Trade Parts Store or a Workshop operating in Australia or New Zealand.

To get OSCAR operating in your business contact Autoinfo. Email: info@autoinfo.com.au Please include your full business details including, Business Name, Trading Name, Physical Address, ABN Number and a Contact phone number and what type of business you are.