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OSCAR Catalogue

OSCAR is our electronic aftermarket parts catalogue and will help you serve your customers quickly and efficiently. Add-on sales are made simple by our philosophy "ID the car once and see all available parts" (the endless aisle). Intelligent search mechanisms, REGO Search and traditional point and click vehicle listings will allow your staff to work at their most efficient level regardless of experience.

OSCAR Editor

OSCAR Editor is used to keep your listings up to date, add new applications, fill cataloguing gaps, upload images and product attributes all in real time. We have our own proprietary vehicle index specifically designed around the market needs of Australia and New Zealand, coupled with our accurate vehicle on road quantities participating brands can make informed decisions on range and inventory.

Web Catalogue / API

Once your applications are in the Autoinfo Application Database we can use this data to power your own embedded Web Catalogue with the same features and functionality as OSCAR. We have a range of simple customisations to give the catalogue the look and feel of your site as well as many integration options. API access is available if a more bespoke solution is required.

REGO lookup AU/NZ

Our REGO Lookup assists users in correctly identifying vehicles while at the same time speeding up the ordering and quoting process. With the REGO Lookup users no longer need specific make/model details or the 17-character VIN. Using the REGO number and state we are able to locate the correct vehicle in our database. We make no assumptions or best guesses when matching to vehicles, if needed we use multiple sources of vehicle registration data to validate the details of a vehicle.


The vehicle fleet is constantly changing, the number of vehicle models is increasing. It’s almost impossible to keep all the parts on the shelf. The BuyerAssist Marketplace was created to address this issue. With 80+ connected agents we can help you locate the part you are after and find who has it in stock. BuyerAssist can electronically transact with more than 70% of the agents we connect to. BuyerAssist can also be used for quick price/availability checks.


LubeSpine is our Lubricant recommendation database that has been compiled using Original Equipment Manufacturer Specifications and fill volumes into our own comprehensive vehicle database (Passenger & Commercial Vehicles). LubeSpine empowers leading oil suppliers to recommend the right lubricant products in a consistent and easy to understand way. Repacking for house brands becomes simple and efficient cataloguing process.

We create industry leading catalogue solutions that work.

• Our eCatalogues sell more parts with fewer returns - it's a proven path to increased sales.
• Using cloud technology users access or update all catalogue data in real-time.
• Industry leading REGO/VIN decryption technology.
• Simplified search methods that aid with correct vehicle & part identification.
• Intuitive user environments.

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