OSCAR Editor gives you the ability in real-time to apply vehicle part applications to our proprietary vehicle index (Automotive Passenger, Light, Medium & Heavy Commercial). OSCAR Editor is built in collaboration with experienced cataloguing professionals to ensure a intuitive user environment and a cutting edge tool.

Using OSCAR Editor you are able to manage all aspects of a part from application data to product attributes like images, specifications, pdf’s & videos. All in real-time, all in one environment. House brands or white box programs are made simple using our exclusive re-brand catalogue technology. Powerful reporting and analysis tools provide insights into market potential by VOR or user click metrics, age curve of vehicles by part number gives ranging and de-ranging indicators to enable informed decisions on stock.

At the core of our catalogue is our proprietary vehicle index, over two decades in the making it’s unrivalled in accuracy and comprehensiveness, populated yearly with up to date VOR (vehicle on road) statistics for Australia and New Zealand (Access Conditions Apply). Our philosophy is: “If the vehicle exists on the road in Australia or New Zealand we have it documented”. We also have comprehensive vehicle indexes for Motorcycles/ATV/Scooters, Industrial/Agricultural & Earthmoving Equipment, Marine/PWC and Heavy Trailer module for Semi-trailer & B-Double units.

Application data for each brand is held in separate “silos” ensuring data integrity. To enable visibility of any catalogue information permission is required from both the recipient & brand owner (dual key security). Non-disclosure & Confidentiality arrangements protect the valuable intellectual property of every brand.

Once applications have been loaded we can also use this data to power your own embedded Web Catalogue. We have a range of simple customisations to give the web catalogue the look and feel of your site as well as many integration options. API access is also available if a more bespoke solution is required.

Please use the Contact Page to make contact to discuss the opportunities that may exist for your business.

The primary use of this application is to load or update part applications for users of one of our Autoinfo Catalogues or for your own embedded eCatalogue solution.

Main OSCAR Editor Screen Shot.

Tutorial Videos Screen Shot.